About This Project

Tamara Karoli



I have submitted images from two different ongoing series, that play upon each other and reflect each other. In the Quiddity Series, water plays the central role. As one of the four elements, it is essential to life on earth and has always been a source of inspiration, fantasy and mystery to mankind. To me, nothing symbolises the Unknown, the duality of life and the dream-like state of existence quite like this element, and the ocean in particular. Carefully choosing locations, timing and analogue processes, I seek to capture water not just as a physical fact, but as a metaphor of the inner workings of my mind, as well as touch the collective subconscious of the viewers. The contrasting element of air is the subject of my second ongoing series, Mother Sky. As with my Seascapes, the creative process is similarly driven by a deep wonder for nature and a desire to capture it in a subjective way. The sky with its birds have always sparked human imagination and envy for freedom and playfulness. Clouds, abstract, ephemeral forms moving weightlessly in the sky, reflecting in the water, have long fascinated and inspired me, becoming canvases for the many colours of nature. These two elements literally reflect upon each other, sometimes melting and becoming indistinguishable, other times creating stark contrasts and borders, clearly defining separate worlds; Mystery and promise lies within both.



7th edition