CSF Adams

For years the CSF Adams (Experimental Center of Photography) has been recognized in the vast panorama of Italian schools as one of the centres of excellence in training professional photographers.

The high level of quality, experience and competence of the teaching staffs, the teaching programmes that are always up-to-date and attentive to the evolution of the profession and photographic knowledge, the presence of supplementary modules that allow personalized training courses and the use of cutting-edge technology, are the guarantee for successful and high-profile learning.

Fuori Gamut

Fuori Gamut is a laboratory that provides high-quality products and services in the fine art printing.


The core of the laboratory’s activity is without doubt giclée printing, however, Fuori Gamut satisfies not only the most demanding requirements in terms of printing but also those relating to the numerous highly professional services that revolve around it: presentation and archiving of works (handmade boxes and albums), exhibition (various frames, cold mounting on various rigid materials), digital scanning of the negative, post-production and digital image processing, optimization of files for printing. The laboratory offers professional support for reproductions of works of art (from digitalisation to printing through a coordinated and consistent digital colour management workflow).    

Greyout Studio

Greyout Studio was born from the passion for the image and its infinite possibilities.
We are a professional studio with a rigorous and pragmatic approach, working in the field of photographic and video shooting and post-production.
We collaborate as a team to provide a wide range of highly technical and creative services, necessary for the production of artistic and commercial images.
Our nature is multidisciplinary and we believe in the synergies of teamwork. We always put our knowledge and inventiveness at the client’s disposal, having at heart the most creative and experimental aspect of projects.
We are a small studio but the services we provide can be without limits.

Rosini Cornici

The Italian artisanal frame company Rosini was founded in 1988 by Giancarlo Rosini and is located in Rome, in the fascinating post-industrial scenario of via Salaria, in the northern area of the city.

Here, in the recently renewed laboratories, a team of young talented professionals led by Daniele and Francesca Rosini work every day on the conceptual and artistic evolution of the brand. Rosini frames are conceived as versatile objects of art. The collections are designed in order to satisfy the needs of a heterogeneous and quality sensitive audience.

Rosini reinterprets the heritage of Italian craftsmanship facing the challenge of modernity. The continuous research which involves design, materials and handcrafts techniques allows a constant restyling of the collections.

The curatorship of the whole work of art presentation, from the very first project delivery to the final exhibition, makes Rosini a unique example of contemporary craftsmanship excellence.

GUP Magazine

Since 2005, GUP – an independent online and print publication based in Amsterdam – aims to connect communities from all over the world to contemporary art and documentary photography, which stands out for its strong visual signature style and character. Both online and in print, GUP produces compelling articles related to the broad and dynamic spectrum of photography and the visual arts. It also functions as a guide to a wide variety of recently or soon to be published (art)photobooks and relevant events (festivals, exhibitions, open calls, etc.).