Exhibition 2021

The first annual exhibition of the Passepartout Photo Prize was held from 8 to 22 September with a special event on the evening of 11 September.

The exhibition, curated by Roberta Fuorvia and with the artistic direction of Olmo Amato, featured the stylistically heterogeneous works of the following artists: Clair Robins, Francesca and Alessandra Oro, Silvia De Giorgi, Cristina Cusani, Zeroscena, Diana Cheren Nygren, Laura Pannack , Valeria Laureano, Giorgia Bisanti, Sara Petraglia and Oriana Maioli.

28 Piazza di Pietra

Fine art gallery

The annual exhibition of Passepartout Photography Prize will be hosted by the gallery 28 Piazza di Pietra. The Gallery is situated in the centre of Rome, at number 28 in Piazza di Pietra. The space is born with the purpose of creating, within this unique location, a new hub dedicated to Art and culture.


The project is conceived as an interaction centre, with the aim of allowing a dynamic mix of idea generation and artistic production. The intent of the gallery is to promote contemporary Art and its multiple expressions with a particular focus on the photographic medium both locally and on an international level. As an addition to its exhibition programme the gallery will be offering and hosting a wide range of cultural events and workshops focusing on the diversity of artistic expression.


28 Piazza di Pietra
Palazzo Ferrini-Cini
Piazza di pietra 28
00186 Roma


Francesca Anfosso