About This Project

Serena Radicioli


Non sei più tornato

“Non sei più tornato” tells the story of my family, starting with my father’s murder and rediscovering a criminal background. On the evening of Oct. 29, two criminal groups met for a settling of scores, ended badly, probably over a debt. Two people died that night, one of them was my father. I never knew what his real job was. On the night of the ambush, I was waiting for him, but he never came home. My father’s death was sudden, my family never talks about what happened. I grew up with too many questions about him, 10 years later I started to research and explore the facts: I searched his papers, found files, photos, letters from prison, and rediscovered people who make him still alive. Through the medium of photography, I try to know and discover as much as possible about what happened and about my father. The project combines images from the public and family archives, my personal memory with images taken in the present. “Non sei più tornato” reveals through the eyes of a little girl the life choice of a father who was killed.



7th edition