About This Project

Sara Cuce


Image from the series ‘Memory of the eyes’


«I grew up in Sicily and I left my home and family to move to London about 8 years ago.

We are constantly looking for who we are, where we come from, and trying to find our place in life. When one is born in a country but moves to another where is one’s home country then? This question is hard to answer because migration is always a process that implies a struggle for identity.
I’ve always had contrasting sentiments when I thought about a place to belong. Since I left, I often reflect on the concept of home and belonging. I often miss my family, the smells of home, the landscapes, the spaces, the bittersweet adolescent memories, a sort of nostalgia is growing up inside me, while I’m building a new home, a new life, a new place and space inside and outside me, and welcoming arms to belong to.
Sometimes I feel this duality pulling me in different directions, ripping me, other times I feel calm, at peace. I wonder if they can live under the same roof, inside the same body, together. In flux.»


5th edition