About This Project

Miltiadis Igglezos


Ruins of Marib, Yemen

These cyanotypes depict some ruins of Old Marib, a very interesting, historic, small and uninhabited city located in Yemen. I printed the positive photos that I had taken, in order to have an illusion of night shots in the final images. Suddenly, most of the dark window oppenings appear to be falsely illuminated. With a childlike naivety, Ι imagined some little children reading fairytales in rooms lit by candles or oil lamps, while it was getting dark outside. I toned the cyanotypes using black tea without bleaching. So I got these dark blue-black and earthy shades. The general title of the project is “1000 and 1 nights”, which I borrowed from the collection of the ancient Arabic folk tales, as well as from the title of the movie that Pier Paolo Pasolini filmed in some places in Yemen.



7th edition