About This Project

Leonardo Bocci


Interior Landscape

I wander in silence, inserting myself into new realities. I sense possibilities still hidden in front of me, I slow down and start to observe. This stimulus transforms my vision, the colors of the leaves, trees, meadows and dirt roads desaturate. The eye now sees in black and white. Thus begins the invisible dialogue between the observer and what is observed: a tension is created and the space becomes a place. The desire to reveal leads me to indulge in the visual elements and feel their synergy. A deep listening to the scene, the exercise of letting go of known concepts, focusing only on my correct positioning to capture the breaking point with reality. The Landscape reveals itself, expressing itself and contaminating me. They are within a single place, a single narrative construction of images; step by step the limit of distances between views crumbles, a research in stages that allows me to investigate its balance. The description of an interior landscape has finally taken shape.



7th edition