About This Project

Agata Mendziuk


Closer Series


The theme of “Closer” is a threatened sense of security in the personal and social dimensions.

A starting point for the series is my strong belief that threat emerging in seemingly distant places eventually affects all the world’s societies in a chain reaction. In this sense hardships experienced now in external environments are close to us, getting closer every minute.

This is why the project is composed of portraits of diverse people in domestic or urban spaces – familiar and safe, in which, however, a disturbing dissonance is present. The glow of the fire visible in the background of an idyllic scene or the shattered glass of the window that creates composition for the whole image emphasizes the tension between reliable repetition of everyday life and the shock created by imminent danger.

The series begins with subdued, restrained images, gradually building more anxiety with color.
This arrangement highlights the significance of a lost sense of security and the value of a community that could be built based on that shared experience.

The final images increase the tension by asking a crucial question: When the danger strikes will you be its adversary or observer?


5th edition