About This Project

Wendi Schneider

pigment ink on kozo over white gold leaf from the ‘States of Grace’ series, 2020

States of Grace (2012 – present) My work is rooted in the serenity I find in the sinuous elegance of organic forms. I’m transformed in capturing the stillness of the suspended movement of light and compelled to preserve the visual poetry of these fleeting moments of vanishing beauty in our vulnerable environment.

I photograph intuitively – what I feel, as much as what I see. Informed by a background in painting and art history, my images are layered digitally with color and texture to manipulate the boundaries between the real and imagined, and are often altered within the edition, honoring the variations.

Printed on translucent vellum or kozo, these ethereal impressions are illuminated with white gold, moon gold, silver or 24k gold on the verso, creating a luminosity that varies as the viewer’s position and ambient light transition. My process infuses the artist’s hand and suffuses the treasured subjects with the implied spirituality and sanctity of the precious metals – echoing the moment of capture and insuring each print is a unique object of reverence.

Within the series are collections that can be curated by subject, theme or treatment. This is a selection of trees from the series.




2nd Edition