About This Project

Tal Waldman

Light Drawing

Motivated by this multi-layered definition of light as a physical, mental and inner quality I start my exploration. I BUILD AN INSTALLATION Using different materials, various objects distinctive by their diverse transparency and patterns. As the sunlight shines through my installation I CAPTURE THE LIGHT DRAWING ON MY WHITE PAPER A composition which changes as the sun light alters. This fascinating and mysterious game of light and shadow reveals an interesting process of transformation, I constantly transform the installation to accommodate the alterations in light (a passing cloud, a lower sun angle, a tree shading….). I adjust according to the reflection, the installation itself is of no importance to me, only the LIGHT COMPOSITION REVEALED which I film and photograph. This transformative nature of the installation, the quality of observation required, the contrasted qualities of dark and light, the importance of the reflection, metaphor the physical and spiritual aspects to LIGHT. *This experimental study is a part of Tal Waldman’s work on LIGHT DRAWING. (chapter 11 of the collaborative project ‘Visualizing the Invisible’ with Fiona Morehouse).




3rd edition