About This Project

Swen Bernitz


The Photographer’s House


The series shows the new Moholy-Nagy Bauhaus Master House Dessau in the experimental style of the New Vision, the visual aesthetics of László Moholy-Nagy. Multiple exposures, negative reversal, solarization, light-dark patterns, and photomontages are used to emphasize light nuances and provide a new view of Bauhaus’s architecture.

When the Bauhaus moved from Weimar to Dessau in 1926, László Moholy-Nagy and his wife Lucia Moholy moved into one of the master houses designed by Walter Gropius. The first darkroom at the Bauhaus was set up in this house. The house was completely destroyed in the last days of the war in March 1945. From 2011 to 2014, the Moholy-Nagy Master House was rebuilt as part of an urban repair. The architectural firm Bruno Fioretti Marquez (BFM) designed the architecture of imprecision with the aim of abstracting what is remembered. The cubature of the house was reconstructed in exposed concrete. Every window and every door is in precisely the right place.
But all those details were left out that would give information about the exact scale: Balcony railings, window divisions, etc. The internal layout was reduced as much as possible, walls and ceilings were left out where they were not needed.


5th edition