About This Project

Sujon Adhikary

The waterlily is the national flower of Bangladesh, and is usually found in the country’s ponds, haors and lakes. They are tuberous and rooted, with leaves and flowers floating on the surface of the water. A striking flower, they can bring life into even the dullest of settings.
Despite there commonness, their delicate beauty means that they’re always a desirable commodity. As a result, local farmers take their boats out into nearby lakes to harvest waterlilies to sell in markets, the largest and most common lily market being in Bangaldesh’s capital, Dhaka. Sometimes, children too get involved, swimming in lakes to collect these flowers to earn a little spending money.
The trade of waterlily harvesting, while not particularly lucrative, actually forms the entire livelihood of some wetland farmers in Bangladesh for about six to seven months in a year. Here are some beautiful photos of these lilies being harvested.




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