About This Project

Sophia Elizabeth



This woman is strong and capable. She is deep, intense and wild. 

She goes alone to sit with the woman in the sea. In the sea, she makes her home. The strength and power she encounters is a reflection of her inner world. She goes to meet herself. She is free there. In the process of making this photo there is arguably no ‘photographer’. No one is looking through a viewfinder at me, no-one is actively observing me in that moment. 

Though of course I am the photographer before I become the subject. I set up the camera, I frame the shot and I consider the image, I also develop the film and print the images myself. However, I become the subject by the time the shutter is released and I am never looking through the viewfinder with a complete understanding of what the image will be. I am also not engaging with the scene as a photographer but rather as the subject. It is the subject that makes the image since at all times the camera is intended as a fly-on-the-wall observing something unfold.


5th edition