About This Project

Silvia DeGiorgi

Our natural environment is rapidly changing in the face of climatic change. As a result, the land is quickly shifting and receding. These three works are part of a wider photographic research that explores the impermanence of the natural surrounding and the fragility of our own presence in the land. Images of weathered natural formations are juxtaposed with traces of ancient human interventions in the landscape, such as neolithic monuments and prehistoric artefacts. Like rocks, cliffs, and mountains these earliest signs of human existence in the land are slowly washed away by time and, arguably, by our own present actions. The transitory aspects of memories, places and experiences is emphasized in this project by the use of alternative photographic processes and expired photographic papers. Images printed on aged paper are characterised by faded areas, spots, and unpredicted colourations. Prints are often affected by light, even after processing, resulting in images with low contrasts that might degrade and change appearance over time. Subjected to a collage-like method, several images in this series are manipulated in the darkroom to combine elements from different locations. They merge layers of personal and collective histories in re-constructed scenes.





2nd Edition