About This Project

Seb Agnew

The series “Cubes“ examines individual and yet so stereotypical human universes. From time to time, we all feel like lost souls within their own small cubes – even though our thoughts, moments and lives are connected to one another, in every second. When are we going to realise?
In the last couple of years, I often found myself looking at three equally shaped three-storey buildings right in front of my kitchen window. Most of the times, curtains block the view to what happens within the walls of these privately owned apartments. Sometimes, I see lights turn on and off, a TV flicker or the silhouette of a sole person gaze through the slats of Venetian blinds. I cannot stop wondering: What happens inside these rooms? What do their inhabitants think and feel? And why are they, seemingly, all alone? And do they, maybe, think the same of me when they watch me watching them …?
All nine cubes are linked to one another, metaphorically and visually held together and connected by means of water running through the walls of the building.



2nd Edition