About This Project

Samuel Reales

The fact that the internet and applications represent an important part of the encounters between homosexuals is not casual: the fear of family or social rejection, as well as the search for discretion, in some cases to carry out a double life, makes it more comfortable to hide behind a screen and meet people with a barrier of security and anonymity in between.
In adolescence, I began to meet people through applications and chats and, consequently, going from house to house to have sexual encounters with strangers.
This form of adventure ended up hooking me not only because of sexual need, but also because of the pleasure that discovering people’s privacy had always given me; and this had become a simple and straightforward way to do it.
Having experimented with photography for several years, I decided to register in images that intimacy I found behind every door I opened. I ended up arranging these encounters in such a way that personal sex would lose importance, justifying them with photographic intent.
This work is based on portraits of sexual encounters and non-normative individuals or families; which represent a taboo reality and sometimes shame for an important part of society.


2nd Edition