About This Project

Robindeep Singh

This is a series on the self. When I took these photographs, I was inspired by Minor White’s ‘Manifestations of the Spirit’. He saw photography as a means to unveil the self. To be frank with you, I was quite skeptical at first. Most of my images throughout college were inspired greatly by Japanese photographers (such as Daido Moriyama). They were raw, scrappy, imperfect. For me to turn my back on that style, and who I thought I was, was a surprise. In return, I synthesized a mixture from both the east and west (and everything else in between) to find my own voice. ‘Presence’ was the beginning of it all. That photograph was a complete accident. I was studying long exposures and found this small fragile tree that really spoke out to me. I sat there in the cold dark night for an hour or so waiting for the right moment. When it was time, the shutter released for 30 seconds and I shot the flash. My cheap tripod, however, started to tilt downwards. I couldn’t stop it and knew the photograph was ruined, until I saw the image.




2nd Edition