About This Project

Time is the theme of Paolo Repetto’s works, they come from the empty place of absence/presence whit takes possession of all places which were built by man and for man, are abandoned and by means of an evocative interpretation, become existential sets. The author searches and attentively selects, in his territory, these sets which correspond to his need for specific peculiarities, once found there, he begins a his work as director and artist creates a stratification of the elements: vivid colures, dime red lighting, dark corners and hints of figures the are almost ghost-like which guide one from emptymemories to fullmemories. However his work, to be alive and complete, needs one last step: the observer must make space between restlessness and menacing uneasiness to completely realize the work with his personal interpretation.

Materiale utilizzato: polvere pirica e innesco a bassa intensità.


1st edition