About This Project

Parisa Aminolahi


Tehran Diary

«Tehran Diary is a project on my mother’s life in Tehran, and while visiting her three children living abroad. My mother belongs to a generation of middle-class Iranian parents living alone, and often continents apart from their children.
Following the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, large groups of young Iranians left the country primarily in pursuit of a different life.

The current project started in 2012, during one of my regular trips from the Netherlands (where I live) to my homelands, Tehran, Iran. I started taking pictures of my mother’s daily life, and this became our routine; whenever we were together, either in Tehran or elsewhere.
After printing the images, I sensed an urge to use black and white paint on each photo.
The result was a hybrid of photography and painting, giving a surreal sense to the imagery, which was as peculiar as my mother’s life.»



4th edition