About This Project

Mirko Sperlonga


The following images come to life from a reportage carried out by the photographer at the iconic rock located in his homeland, Terracina, which is known as “Cappieijë dë prètë”. About 3 meters high, this place represents for him an environment strongly linked to his adolescence, as he used to spend his free time diving from it. Years later, he wanted to visit it again, driven by curiosity to observe how the new generation is experiencing it. In the works created, the photographer’s memories are enclosed in the action of the dive performed by the teenagers, manifesting themselves in a present and in a completely surreal space, at the limit of the normal. The artist, through a process of creative experimentation in post-production, brings the subjects back into an altered reality, representing the place of his memories as an abstract dimension. This alteration of reality elevates the perception of the figures and visually represents the photographer’s subconscious.



7th edition