About This Project

Maya Maya


Suddenly I feel everything

“Suddenly I feel everything, My body dancing with nature, My hands waving in the wind, My toes playing with the waves”

This series will take you on a walk on a deserted beach. Awakening your senses along the way. It is a story about the exact moment I started to have feelings again after a long period of depression. For me, it felt like being at the beach, where every sense is affected: the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the wind shaking the leaves, the bitter smell of sea foam, the sand flowing between my fingers… It is an emotion everyone can experience just by memory, and for me, this feeling seemed impossible to reach until that day. A lot of my work is based on poems, written by myself and inspired either by my own story and feelings or by the testimonies of other victims of trauma, leading to depression. The project was entirely shot on Polaroïd without any post-production The blue tint was created with an experimental Polaroïd film, chosen for the meaning of the color: inner serenity, melancholy, and emotions.



7th edition