About This Project


There are people, balanced from every characteristic, that reflect in this light. A light they chose to strike. The harmonious colours blind the formal aesthetics and sway through life, forging personality and greatness. Farm light is a series of photographic sessions redesigned in different colour filters. It symbolizes the way we treated and then created our world, as a systematic vicious and dull life cycle if we follow the rules of the game we are provided. A reflection can be made if we compare our world to a big and fast farm, dictated by invisible champions moved by animals “farmed” * into a system, a flawed hidden system we all consist of. The acceleration and speed we acquired to perform our daily tasks and the way we expect things coming into our lives are represented into the blurred image of light and the fast-moving camera. A rapidly mutating world in which we do not take time to reflect and take into consideration the past. *farmed: meaning in being lulled into a system, with rules and mediums to stick to.


1st edition