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VŎ|LO : The etymology of the word flight, finds its origin in two distinct lineages: one deriving from the Proto-Indo-European gwel: to let flow, to let the air slip under one’s wings or be carried by the wind; and the second, from the Proto-Italic welo, which also finds its origin in the Proto-Indo-European, welh, standing for to choose or prefer, adopted later to express one’s will, one’s desires. Taking into account both roots of the term, allows one to conceive of the word as a key to the attainment of new goals. Is not the act of desiring, and thus of imagining, in fact an exercise in moving toward other scenarios? We are constantly flying, lost in the meanderings of High Fantasy, a Babylon of visions that spring from the farthest corners of our unconscious. Here we are not talking about the kind of sensory stimulus that manifests itself in the form of our brain’s hasty associations, but about unintelligible images that lurk and never free us from clarification. What remains to be done is to keep flying, and to make memory of what we are capable of perceiving.



7th edition