About This Project

Lorenzo Mini


Panta rei (Strada Romea 2012-2022)

Everything flows; the asphalt, the miles, the places, the time…. “Everything moves and nothing stands still.” In 2012 I portrayed various places along the Romea road, starting from the province of Ravenna and arriving at the gates of Venice, and in 2022 I returned to the same places to see what had changed. In fact, the intent of this project, is to highlight the changes that have taken place in these 10 years, traveling both physically and temporally. The landscape is constantly changing, it is dynamic, restless, both at the hands of man and nature. These images show changes due, in most cases, to social and economic factors that have taken place in recent years. In particular, the changes affecting business activities along this historic thoroughfare, which connects locations in the upper Adriatic Sea and then on to the eastern states, are somewhat like a litmus test, showing what is happening more generally. To better highlight this dynamism, I shot the same subjects in the same location, trying to portray them in the same conditions as they once were. Finally, the vertical montage of the two images (above the past one and below the recent one) leads the viewer to compare the photographs in a simple and immediate way, somewhat like the “Find the Differences” pastime within puzzle weeklies.


6th edition