About This Project

Kumi Oguro


So far I published 2 photobooks: NOISE (2008) and HESTER (2021).
The works included in those publications are not from 2 separate series. They are in a continuation in which my development, evolution and what is consistent can be found. Basically, I work with female models in staged settings, to create a world without any logical flow or narrative, which is similar to our waking dreams. In 2019 I decided to take a break from creating works for a while.
Meanwhile, I was wondering what my next project would be. I had no intention of starting something completely new. I still wanted to stay in the continuation. All I needed was a little “twist”. This twist arrived suddenly and unexpectedly. In the spring of 2020, I had to cancel a couple of photo shoots, following the first lockdown in Belgium.
After the initial shock and panic, I decided to photograph alone in the empty house where one of the shoots had been planned. Because of this challenging experience, I started paying more attention to spaces, what had often tended to be merely the background. Submitted images are recent images, in search of what is still to come.



7th edition