About This Project

Juan Manuel McGrath


Summer Whims

The photographic series “Summer Whims” is a testament to the annual journey we undertake from Mexico to my mother-in-law’s house in the serene French countryside. Amid an atmosphere that oscillates between the tranquility and the effervescence of summer, my daughter reunites with her cousins, creating a unique family bond each summer season. What began as a casual project years ago has evolved over time to become a precious treasure in our family archive. Each image, when revisited, reminds us of the essence of photography as an intimate means to reconnect with moments that may seem ephemeral in the moment but, with the passage of time, reveal their immense value in our lives. On the other hand, this series represents a unique opportunity to explore photography in a playful and liberating way, stepping away from the more structured approaches found in other projects. Here, the camera becomes an instrument of spontaneity and freedom, capturing the essence of childhood and shared joy in the French countryside in a unique and authentic manner.



7th edition