About This Project

Jakub Wichtowski


Analog Memory

Memories are pictures in our minds. We remember happy moments as well as sad and difficult ones. At first, these images are clear and vivid. We see and feel everything as if we were being there. Memories can become distorted over time due to the influence of other memories or attempts to understand them through therapy. We forget a big part of the image, leaving the sharpest and most defining elements. The remembrance of form and color is strictly conected to the feeling we have when looking at a memory. The rest of the image fades away, leaving behind just an impression. How can we accurately depict the memories we hold within us? And how would they appear if we interfaced with technology that reads human memory? We are witnessing how technology can fill in incomplete images, but how does it appear to be when our minds used to fill up the gaps in images of memories?



7th edition