About This Project

Hanna Hetherington

‘Bittersweet’ explores the connection between reality and illusion. Driven by our obsession with image and desire, narratives are staged within a frame.

This project narrates scenes of life where flawed characters search for an absolution to their desire, immersed in inner perception, in a more or less conscious state of detachment from the perceptible world.  ‘Bittersweet’ is a staged photographic series that explores the lives of characters living within their own delusions – a reflection of material society.

The photograph acts as a window to our desire and ‘Bittersweet’ comments on the medium of photography. The idealistic worlds projected are bittersweet, they are worlds that are dreamt of but can never truly be obtained – the audience is privileged a keyhole view, as they peer into another world, and what is witnessed is the synthesis that manifests between the viewer and viewed, between external perception and reality.




2nd Edition