About This Project

Giacomo Tazzini


A non-place where rural, tropical and man-made landscapes intersect in a grotesque combination. An amusement park that has little in the way of fun, where tension and violence are always about to erupt.

Against this backdrop we follow quirky, outcast characters as they wander through areas – physical and otherwise – distressing and surreal. These characters are always alone, abandoned.

The photographs function as inseparable pieces of a single narrative puzzle, as if they were frames of a nonexistent film. The omission of information is intentional, leaving the viewer to reflect further on the contents of the images.

All photos were captured by the dirty and often unpleasant grain of Cinestill 800T and Lomography 800 films, with a Pentax K1000.

All locations are on the Versilia coast, once the center of the “dolce vita.”


6th edition