About This Project

Gavin Libotte


Series “Maya”


«I like to explore the human condition and our relationship to the world around us. The world is multidimensional and we exist not just in a physical space. My images explore our relationship with the physical and spiritual layers of the world. The fragile human essence is at play with the many layers of existence. Something we don’t understand but we are committed to moving through the unseen challenges that lay ahead.

Maya in Indian Sanskrit means illusion. The world that we see and live in does not exist in the first place. Maybe it is all a dream. The world in the past does not exist at this moment and the world today will not exist in the future. The world is nothing but a fleeting appearance.

Using ICM ( intentional camera movement and flash I can freeze the subjects in layers of movement. The still subject is the unchanging permanent soul and the blurred outside layers represent the fleeting for ever-changing illusion of the world that is impermanent.»


6th edition