About This Project

Gaia Adducchio

“Body, gray mockery
With your scarlet cravings,
how long will you imprison me?”
Alda Merini – The Holy Land – 1984

“Naked:#she” was born from the sharp awareness of everyone’s mortality, in the attempt of exorcising a thought which is difficult to emancipate oneself from. My intention as an author is to make tangible, to materialize an unconscious, almost dreamish perception of reality. Photography is, among expressive means, the one that par excellence lives fully the contradiction of the absolute co-existence between the overcoming of death and its testimony, becoming this way its emblem. The project was born to investigate this contradiction. I liked to explore, through an aesthetic reminding of death, the use of the body as an agent of life and therefor also of eroticism. The subjects, exclusively female characters, removed from their dresses, wear always masks that preserve their identity and underline their archetypical function. During our photographic sessions they have been playing with the idea of sensuality, pornography, grace, femininity and maternity, overruling very often limits and definitions. The photos, exclusively analog, result of a double exposure during the shutter-click, are welcomed with their flaws (such as scratches, unprecise overlapping, black stripes etc.) in order to underline their physicality, the uniqueness of every single shot, unrepeatable and subjected to the rules of casualty as are the lives of each individuals.




2nd Edition