About This Project

Espacio Crudo


Balanced Diet

When we think about food, we commonly approach it in terms of the utilitarian component of nourishment, we focus in its functional qualities, as we were told we needed to eat the perfect combination of ingredientes to grow a healthy body and cultivate a strong mind: a balanced diet Favoring function against form was a post-war though that influenced the reconstruction of some cities, where rebuilding became a priority despite the economic circumstances of that moment. The brutalist architectural movement that flourished in the 50s emerged in a time where low cost and utilitarian buildings were spreading. The style showcased bare materials arranged in geometric configurations usually organized in modular groups that together worked as a unit to create solid constructions. Inspired by the characteristic heavy forms of this movement, we created 6 block-like forms using food as a construction material, focusing on working towards its physical matter over its edible qualities, seeing the material as it is and letting it guide the structure and final forms. What is edible or not edible, comes from a collective agreement, that also classifies dishes as a reflection of the identity of a community, transforming then into a link to the sense of home and care, a functionality that is not related to physical nourishment, but to the feeling of belong. Each solid is built using the ingredients of a comfort recipe, becoming a visual negotiation between food’s hidden qualities of function and form.



7th edition