About This Project

Dragan Saric


In this project, the author focuses not on the direct ravages of war, but on the indirect ones left inside the heart. This idea resonated strongly with the everyday objects and spaces he encounters and photographed over the course of a year. And although the ravages of today’s war have left the sight of many, sadly this turbulence looms on our doors even today.


«With Russia sending soldiers to the Ukraine border, rising unrest in the Middle East, and rising military pressure on the East China Sea area we are more and more faced with the threat of war at our doorsteps. In instances where conflict has already escalated to a point of no return, people fled in order to build a new life in a foreign world. On the surface, everything might seem okay, but what happens on the inside is a story often left untold.»


«When I visited Taiwan last year I was greatly confronted with the remnants of their turbulent history. I noticed a similar emotional wound I have from my own parents fleeing Yugoslavia.»



4th edition