About This Project

Dragan Saric


Tomorrow hotel

During our early childhood to adulthood, we create the memories that make up who we are – our identity – and where we feel where we belong. But what if someday something changed, where all of that comes to disappear? What if we are forced to continue our lives in a new regime that doesn’t continue on the same path that our identity and sense of belonging are grounded in? Tomorrow hotel is about the liminality, the everlasting period of transition, we fall in when we are faced with a similar fate. It contemplates on the sentiment of being rooted in a place that no longer exists in reality, while reflecting on the longing towards finding a place we truly belong to. Dwelling in a world that is not inherently ours, while searching for a place we long to belong to. An existence that is not very far from being a tourist – a stranger going from one stop to the other. Having no other place to stay, but a hotel. Trough the eyes of my Yugoslavian upbringing, I frame the atmosphere of the Taiwanese landscape trough somewhat of a self portrait. I therefore, rather than accurately documenting the effects of regime change directly, aim to poetically explore the sentiment of losing ones identity and sense of belonging as a result of a regime change. Connecting Taiwanese and Yugoslavian history, present and future in an intimate way. While many have not been been confronted with the threat of migration, with global geopolitical tensions – i.e. Taiwans geopolitical position, unrest in the middle east, a war in the east of Europe etc. – and environmental issues on the rise, it is, sadly, very likely that this fate will be shared by more and more people in the future. With more and more land becoming uninhabitable or threatened by catastrophe, how do we deal with these possible future streams of migration? How do we prepare for the social problems that come from this? In a world that is becoming more and more globally connected, how can we shape a global society that is more inclusive?



7th edition