About This Project

Chantal Pinzi

SIGO SIENDO uncovers the healing potential within art and photography and how the latter has helped the artist Chantal Pinzi with her diagnosis of a spine infection that left her bedridden in the hospital. Photography was the medium that helped her deal with her disease through its therapeutic and creative value. “Photographs cover a special role in everyone’s life, as the eternal gaze of a guardian who shares with us every important moment, from the first instant we come into the world to when we leave the scene. Personally, beyond documenting important phases of my life, Photography has been also my medicine.” By pointing the camera at herself for the first time, she turns her internal view of herself into a visible, external image. Sharing her emotions and experiences with the viewer, she brings the ghosts and the most hidden places of one’s being to light, thus creating an opportunity of exchange, understanding, empathy and support.




2nd Edition