About This Project

Cagla Demirbas


Media Omitted

Media Omitted is a series of cross-processed double exposures that show the “what-if”s of a relationship – a tasteful mismatch that retraces what went wrong. A chemical solution as a temporary solution for a relationship doomed to disappear – contrasting with the very medium of analog photography. Just like the short-lived relationship itself, the analog camera he gifted to me was broken. It was only when I took it to get it repaired that I realized he forgot a half-used film inside. I had to make a grim choice – I can use the film and find my own images double exposed with the ones I was trying to forget. The film was long expired like us and if I wanted my shots to survive, I had to try the cross-process method by developing my diapositives with negative film chemicals, and ultimately treating them as negatives, and hope for the colors to turn out. The vibrant pink tint in the images almost attempts to revive the lack of romance and excitement in the failed relationship. From depicting a cold bedroom paired with a close-up of a woman’s thighs to the places never visited; the photographs ultimately reveal serendipity – two travelers who could only meet in the middle after going separate ways. A mantra almost too cliche to repeat: Some people are better when they are apart.



7th edition