About This Project

Anna Melnikova


Il Corridoio delle Eclissi

Silver gelatin print, obtained by the alternative photographic processes using the techniques of photogram and Mordançage. The time of the “Corridor of Eclipses” is strange and mysterious. Almost timeless between solar and lunar eclipses. The concept, described in detail in astrology, in art becomes a metaphor for the state of a person and the world , in which there is no balance. Tragic disintegration and incredible rebirth, destruction and restoration: everything is possible during this period, which inevitably happens twice a year. This photographic series of mine is my deep reflection on our world сwhich during this period is in the long “corridor of eclipses” . The world аhaving thousands of possibilities for development, falls and collapses in senseless wars and battles for power, but I believe that we will emerge from the dark corridor into the light and a great renaissance of our world will come. All my works are made with the unique Mordançage technique. The process of creating an image includes three stages: obtaining a primary image, disintegrating and transforming it, and creating a completely new image. Original works exist only in a single copy. The technology for creating photo images does not allow for copying. In fact, the process itself is unpredictable and uncontrollable, as it is impossible to predict in advance the course of the work or imagine what kind of image should result. The work proceeds spontaneously, one can learn to controllarу a bit and improvise boldly in the process of creating an image, trusting the artist’s intuition. Brief description of the MORDANÇAGE process. Mordançage is an alternative photographic process that alters silver gelatin prints to give them a degraded effect. The mordançage solution works in two ways: it chemically bleaches the print so that it can be redeveloped, and it lifts the black areas of the emulsion off the paper giving the appearance of veils. Once the emulsion is lifted, it can be removed or manipulated depending on the desired result. The areas from which the emulsion has been removed appear raised. These prints may oxidize during their creation, further altering the tone of the image.

7th edition