About This Project

Angela Eames

Tulips planted in AUTUMN lay dormant throughout WINTER until early SPRING. Ten plants – elegant pale green leaves boasting bright tangerine tops – perfection in shape, form, colour and height. For fourteen days they hold their own before embarking on their final transformation – collapse. By SUMMER they’re gone – though not without my recording their brief lifespan photographically. A single polygonal mesh comprising 100 x 100 small mosaic tiles is built within three dimensional computing space. Line becomes object, objects become plane, plane reveals image. The initial rendered mesh is viewed as pristine and regular and the second subjected to visual interference indicating change and deterioration. In both cases the meshes are lit and mapped with photographic, tangerine tulip. Through rendered image, the tulips are returned to the physical world… Old and new technologies are coalesced in a diptych which corroborates life/death, presence/absence and time’s continuum.




2nd Edition