About This Project

Andrea Agostini


Il Gioco dei Timidi

Photographic project. Rome, 2023. The protagonists of this story are ordinary people grappling with ordinary projects that, in such an uncertain city, become extraordinary. With one small detail: there is a shared dream in every single story. The dream of a different capital, where the concept of “community” returns central through work made of perseverance, sweat and participation. I like to call it “the shy game.” *. The game of those who prefer to sit in the back row, away from the spotlight but without losing sight of others. Who choose to whisper rather than shout, act rather than promise, risk rather than accept. Until that dream becomes reality. Valuable actions and choices that build a silent but no less visible resistance. Here you will find a mosaic of faces and suggestions: from the milonga of Villa Gordiani, where at night men and women of all ages gather to dance the tango because, as Daniela tells us, “it gives us the strength to go on in these dark times,” to the borders of Quadraro, where numerous horses have been rescued from the slaughterhouse and made available to the community thanks to a kind soul named Sonia: “life has no meaning if you don’t help others,” she told me, in a whisper. In between, a small popular gymnasium born in a Quarticciolo locale where boxing is not just a sport, but a tool to indicate that another way is possible, for the neighborhood and the families who live there. You will then meet the looks of the volunteers of Nonna Roma, who starting from Pigneto have made welcoming and food distribution their workhorse, because no one is saved alone. And you will end this journey at Metropoliz, the Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere along Prenestina, a place where “art saves space and space saves art.” *. And where the people who live there save both, to the point of sanctioning an unexpected finish line.



7th edition