About This Project

Alice Muratore


The empty nest

The empty nest is a journey into the dualism between life and death, the acceptance of loss and the daily living with grief. The images and texts that make up the project offer an intimate dialogue of fears, anxieties and fragility, delving deep into the feelings experienced following the loss of my father. The self-portraits, placed side by side with natural images, are a representation of these existential feelings that go beyond the human sphere. Nature becomes, in fact, a reflection of one’s soul, offering an energy that comforts us. A visual diary in search of the reconstruction of one’s interiority that is achieved only after a path of elaboration. The constant search for meaning turns out, in fact, to be ephemeral since as soon as we try to rebuild the lost nest the latter turns out to be even emptier. We realize that the only way out is acceptance, not denial, and only then can we still recognize the presence of the one we have lost in everything around us.



7th edition