About This Project

Jaehyun Cho


The night sky and our story 


«I live in Shanghai, China. Shanghai is famous for its night view called The bund. It is a representative landmark of Shanghai.

But personally, Shanghai’s best night view is the Shanghai French Concession. Platanus, who has been around for many years, is older than my age. The light, blue night sky, and clouds of the houses behind the magnificent appearance of Platanus are fantastic. Looking at the trees makes us look very similar to our lives. when raining, snowing, as the harsh winter and hot summer pass, the vitality that gets stronger and stronger seems to be similar to humans. The light behind the trees seems to show hope and warmth. The blue night sky even creates a romantic atmosphere.

This is a picture taken while taking a walk with Platanus around the time the blue night sky comes out after sunset.»





4th edition