About This Project

Ilaria Sagaria

Tutto ciò che tace

Tutto ciò che tace is an unpublished work, a physical and inner journey into the heart of nature and human beings through silence and listening. The project was born within an artistic residency in the heart of the Florentine countryside, the focus of which was a visual investigation of the theme of silence. I began by taking long solitary walks in isolated nature: as I went deeper into the heart of the woods and places of oblivion, I also rediscovered my own silences.
There is no plot or chronology, but a complexity that is embroidered through findings, encounters, traces, dreams, and visions that mark the rhythm of a constant search toward something vague and indefinite, in a silence that rises material, dense, and deep. Each image is an attempt to escape from reality and approach the unknown, an x-ray of silence in a habitat that becomes mental and pushes us toward an intimate and theoretical elsewhere. New scenarios and opportunities for discovery thus emerge, allowing us to go deep into the very essence of things, without telling but simply letting them reveal themselves, restoring an unreal and mysterious dimension to the known. A reflection on the meaning of our being in the world and an invitation to journey to the heart of silence and within ourselves.


6th edition