About This Project

Federico Masini


They Return To Their Earth


In the They Return To Their Earth, photography moves by revelations. The intention is to suggest, through the image, the equation that the human body, here female, is nothing more and nothing less than a manifestation, an emergence, of natural discourse. 

The work is aesthetic research, made of movements and stasis, on the sense of nudity. It is an attempt at a neutral, objective representation, almost as if to compile an atlas of new botanical forms. The series questions a representation free from a sexualizing gaze, and thus calls into the background the themes of censorship, sexuality, eroticism, but also the sacred, the mysterious. The whole project is a journey of interaction with the subject and observation, to see if it is possible to see beyond social constructs. 

The answer is suspended. Does the nude exist without culture? To escape judgement, the body can only merge with nature, losing its attributes. A photograph that is a revelation becomes a photograph of a disappearance – who remembers that Apocalypse, the word for the final moment, means nothing but revelation? At the end of the exploration, all that remains of our body image is the naked presence of nature.




4th edition