About This Project

Chiara Benzi

“Like a Knife in the Sun” focuses on the point of contact between Eros and Thanatos, the convergence between love and death, the impossible desire of continuity, and its inevitable disintegration: this fascination is the dominant element in eroticism.

Through physical and digital manipulation of her own photographs and archival images, Chiara Benzi explores that liminal zone between a burial, deadly and loss idea, and an idea of eroticism and sexuality, that common denominator between the celebration of life and its transitory and ephemeral condition.

Creating a visual itinerary of the path to the pinnacle of pleasure that we, as human beings, can experience only with the grief of its loss, and consequently has to be shredded as this encounter is already dead.
«Eroticism, it may be said, is assenting to life up to the point of death». Georges Bataille, Eroticism, 1957.



4th edition